My four books and my journal articles explore the following themes:

  • the complex lifeworlds of classrooms
  • the place of storytelling in education
  • the hidden role of the unconscious in learning
  • affect and learning
  • secondary English teaching
  • the dilemmas and challenges of the beginning teacher
  • story as a form of scholarship (a mythopoetic methodology
  • imagination and intuition 
  • Deleuze and Spinoza, desire and learning

Books & articles 1987-2018

"Many thanks for sending on your wonderful work. I think we need imagination in research and you and your colleagues have done just that!
I hope the journal has the good sense (and courage) to publish it. Let me know the fate of this piece; this note is one of congratulations."

Prof Deborah Britzman


"Dear Steve, I very much enjoyed reading your paper especially as it is a subject that is dear to my heart as I have written and researched over the years with new teachers. I really like how your approach is so gentle, genuine and inclusive of your co-participants/co-authors."

Prof Margaret Somerville


"The compassion and imagination Shann showed [in School Portrait], and the need for the pupils to deal with solvable concrete problems rather than vague generalisations, released unsuspected abilities and energies. I've seen it happen. It was a major educational achievement."

R. F. Mackenzie, author of 'State School' (Penguin Books)


"The great strength of the book [School Portrait] is, for me, its honesty."

Barney Devlin, AATE, Guide to English Books


"Shann is a gifted story-teller in that he makes his readers really care about the success [of the students]."

Veronica Sen, The Canberra Times


"[Steve Shann] does not write in the esoteric language of so many educationists whose words mean so little to so many ordinary parents. He offers some clearly written ideas and examples of how children learn ... He succeeds because ... the excitement, the sensitivity and the courage of his characters and his writing make a good story."

Keith Scott, The Canberra Times




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Abstracts and downloads of many of these are available on my Academia page