A Study Guide for 'The Worlds of Harriet Henderson'?

A former colleague has encouraged me to have a go at creating a study guide for my novel, The Worlds of Harriet Henderson, for use with pre-service teachers in universities or with English teachers as part of PD courses. Some of the reviews from teachers and teacher-educators have hinted at something similar.

I’m not sure. It’s the kind of project I’d enjoy working on, but would it be useful?

I thought I’d flag the possibility here, have a go at the beginning of a study guide, and see what others think.

So here’s a draft beginning:

Screenshot 2019-01-31 14.42.51.png

Is this worth pursuing?

I’d love some thoughts from those ‘in the field’: teacher educators, pre-service teachers, English-teachers-thinking-back-on-their-pre-service-experience.

If encouraged, I’ll spend hours happily working on this, but I don’t want to do it if it wouldn’t be useful.